What's the difference between quartz and granite?

Quartz is man-made Granite is natural

How do I care for my stone?

Don't use any ammonia products or Windex to clean your stone use stone cleaner or mild soap and water.

Does Stone get sealed?

Yes stone gets sealed with two coats of water-based sealer.

How long does it take to get stone?

It takes one week to order stone if we do not have it in stock.

What is an Eased Edge?

An eased edge is 3/16" airis is On top and bottom of stone.

What's the difference between a top mount sink and Undermount sink?

A top mount sink sits on top of the countertop and an Undermount sink is installed underneath.

What are seams made of?

Seams are filled with Epoxy.

What's a normal backsplash height?

Normal backsplash height is 4".

What is the lead time from start to finish when stone fabrication begins?

It takes two weeks depending on how busy we are.

What kind of finishes are there for stone?

There is honed which is a matte finish, polished which is a shinier finish, and leathered which is an antique look.